Belgrade Shopping GuideBelgrade Shopping Guide

Shopping is a favourite activity for many people. And even as some go to department stores for fun, some best do it when it’s far important to buy something. Whether for enjoyment or necessity, shopping malls in Belgrade are well supplied. In addition to clothing from nearby and international brands, you could also buy home appliances, computers, jewellery, footwear, and many different things. Also, in most shopping malls you may take a smash at a coffee save or an eating place and have something to devour or drink. To make it easier so one can discover what you’re looking for, we have prepared a list of the fine shopping malls Belgrade has. Enjoy!

1. Knez Mihajlova:

Knez Mihajlova is surely a stylish and well-known shopping area among May and October; that is for the reason that the climate is high-quality and warm. During this era roads are full of individuals, on foot around, spending time with companions, eating popcorn, or getting some delicious Belgrade dessert. Knez Mihajlova is a really long passerby road, certainly, one of the most well known and maximum hooked up boulevards in Belgrade. You can discover many stunning stores including, Zara, Lewis, Diesel, Terranova and some pinnacle of the line style shops, for example, Cavalli, Armani, Cesare Paciotti and Iceberg.

2. Street Vendors:

Street vendors are scattered all through the city of Belgrade selling gifts, painstaking work, garments, frozen yoghurt, and the sky is the limit from there. The slows down around Kalemegdan post sell conventional Serbian painstaking work, for example, glass, ribbon, wood artworks, and Yugoslav memorabilia from the nation’s days in socialist Yugoslavia. Watch out for the road merchants closer to the touristy regions, for example, close Knez Mihailova. They are known to charge voyagers more significant expenses.

3. Stadion Shopping Center:

Stadion isn’t just one of the biggest malls in Belgrade, with nearly 75,000 square meters, however, it likewise flaunts a full-size arena on its rooftop! On the initial two stories, you’ll discover the absolute most surely understood Serbian and global brands, just as a few bistros, cafés and fun exercises for guests all things considered. The third floor is the place hungry customers can locate the full nourishment court, which includes an all-encompassing perspective on Belgrade. The eponymous housetop football arena is worked by UEFA guidelines, and with a limit of 5000 observers, it routinely has sports and social occasions.

4. Shopping Center Zira:

Shopping Centre Zira is masterminded in the old bit of Belgrade. You can land at it in a brief timeframe using an open vehicle from downtown or around twenty minutes by strolling. Zira has distinctive style brands, diners, halting and a cabin. The external appearance of the structure and superb inside in this centre fulfils the wants for every customer. 

5. Ada Mall:

Ada Mall, a spot for blending and yards with a stunning viewpoint on the city are just the beginning of a world-class shopping story. Considering that the breaking point of the stopping region lands at the amount of 1,000, that the strip shopping centre is worked by the most mentioning socially-skilled benchmarks, that due to the glass housetop, light goes into each side of within, and the principle improvement is greenery, the end is this is an absolutely remarkable area of urban incitement.

6. Delta City:

Delta City offers more than 100 stores with various close by and all-inclusive brand clothing, a tremendous assurance of home contraptions, similarly as diamonds stores. There is moreover a hair salon, a medication store, optics, market, bank, and a record store. A vehicle wash is open at any parking spot. Here you can in like manner value the Cineplexx 5D multiplex film with six rooms, and there is an enormous incitement place for youths called Futurama. Delta City is open step by step from 10 am to 10 pm. 

7. Rajiceva Shopping Centre:

Rajiceva Shopping Center is arranged in the point of convergence of Belgrade, at Knez Mihailova Street. It is open every day from 10 am to 10 am. It has more than 80 stores, including the ones featuring indulgence brands, sports equipment, and distinctive ornament. Despite shocking shopping choices, Rajiceva Shopping Center in like manner has a clothing shop, a vehicle wash, a market, a money exchange, and a medication store. Underneath the strip mall is an underground parking space and at the top is the Mama Shelter Hotel, with an exciting rooftop garden.