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President of Congress Committee
Prof. dr Tomislav Jovanović

Vice President
Prof. dr Aleksandar Dimić
Prof. dr Milojko Lazić

- Serbian Medical Society
- School of Medicine, University of Belgrade,
Department of Balneotherapy
- Serbian association of spa centers
- Special hospital for rehabilitation “Merkur“,
Vrnjačka Banja

Scientific committee
Prof. dr Tomislav Jovanović
Prof. dr Gordana Popović
Prof. dr Milorad Jeftić
Prof. dr Nada Pilipović
Prof. dr Vesna Bošnjak Petrović
Prof. dr Dragan Micić
Prof. dr Stevan Ilić
Prim. dr Nikola Sremcević
Doc. dr Milisav Cutović
dr. Meho Kajević
Prof. dr Milojko Lazić
Prof. dr Olivera Krunić

Organizing committee
dr Dejan Stanojević
dr Stanka Vidaković
dr Živorad Smiljanić
dr Marijana Bekcić
dr Agošton Ferenc
dr Miloš Obrenović
dr Siniša Đorđević
Prim. dr Zoran Radovanović

Honorary committee
Dr Dragomir Đukanović
Prof. dr Živoin Conić
Akademik Prof. dr Ljubiša Rakić
Prof. dr Branko Lović
Prof. dr Vlastimir Mladenović
Prof. dr Budimir Filipović
Prof. dr Aleksandar Vidaković
Prof. dr Momir Janjić
Prof. dr Miodrag Cvetković
Prof. dr Dragan Petković
Prim. dr Tomislav Mališić
Prof. dr Jovan Micić
Prof. dr Pavle Simić
Prof. dr Dragan Manojlović

Opening lectures
1. Water as a strategic resource
2. Hydro geological potential of Serbia
3. Climate potential of Serbia
4. Environmental factors in service of health
5. Balneo potential of Serbia in tourist industry

Congress subjects

1. Medical section
- Physical medicine and balneotherapy
- Rheumatology and balneotherapy
- Cardiology and balneotherapy
- Pneumology and balneotherapy
- Gynecology and balneotherapy
- Gastroenterology and balneotherapy
- Endocrinology and balneotherapy
- Pediatrics and balneotherapy
- Balneotherapy for the people with disabilities

2. Hydrogeology section

3. Management of Spa centers

Panel discussion

Balneotherapy in reformed medical curriculum

Special hospital for rehabilitation “Merkur“, Vrnjačka Banja, Main Hall 28-29. may 2007. year


First and Last name
Contact address
Title of the paper

Applications should be sent to congress@medical-tourism-serbia.com

Prof. dr Tomislav Jovanović MD PhD
Institute for Physiology
Višegradska 26/2
11000 BEOGRAD Serbia

Deadline for the submission of the proposals is 16.04.2007.
After you submit your proposal, you will receive the 2nd announcement

Participation at the Congress will be considered as a form of continuous medical education

All abstracts and selected papers will be published in extenso as a supplement of the Serbian Archive

Participants fee
8.000 dinars until 03.05.2007. year
12.000 dinars after 03.05.2007. year
6.000 for students and participants without papers
Payments solud be adressed to TR AIK Banka
105-71016-90 with call to number 280507

Technical secretariat
Payment instructions and accommodation arrangements
Ljubica Ivanović
Vladan Vešković
Contact telephone +381 036 611-110

Scientific Secretariat
dr Predrag Brkić MD Mr Sci
dr Mirko Grajić MD Mr Sci

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