Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade FortressKalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress

When you are in Belgrade there is one thing that for sure you have to see, that is the Kalemegdan Park with the Fortress. It is situated at the mouth of Sava into the Danube, consequently in any event, for the perspective on the city from it merits a visit. The recreation centre is an enormous green region with wonderful trees and tranquil ways that are splendidly appropriate for some sentimental strolls or some other sort of. Regularly they compose some outside shows there or shows during summer. You can walk somewhere down in the recreation centre, yet in addition close to the dividers of the post and see the waterway the Sava and look at the extensions of Belgrade from a separation, in any event on the off chance that you are slightly more fortunate than us with the climate. You can likewise search for squirrels as it isn’t too hard to even consider finding some here. In any case, in the event that you would prefer not to stop just at one creature, inside the recreation centre there is likewise the Zoo of Belgrade. 

 Military Museum of Belgrade:

Like in each park and post there are a few sorts of landmarks, models, remembrances that help you additionally to find more about the historical backdrop of Belgrade (in the event that you discover a clarification about them in a language that you understand…Inside the recreation centre is likewise found Military Museum of Belgrade yet for a conservative like me, you can essentially look a few guns and tanks which are uncovered outside without going in. It is found exceptionally near the downtown area. On the off chance that you stroll through the most jam-packed person on foot road of the city: Kneza Mihaila, you will wind up straightforwardly at the recreation centre. It’s difficult to miss.

Kalemegdan Park Highlights:

Kalemegdan Park is a huge open space with green fields, landmarks and pathways that wander through backwoods. It remains on a bluff sitting above the intersection of the Sava and Danube rivers, adding to its beautiful setting in the shadow of the Kalemegdan Citadel. Partake in the numerous games exercises and social occasions that happen here consistently. Somewhat south of the stronghold is Large Kalemegdan Park. Walk around the charming promenades close to the trees. Visit different foundations, for example, the Military Museum and the Museum of Forestry and Hunting. Look up at the Monument of Gratitude to France, comprising of a huge white section supporting a female figure. 


Being a saved sight with two centuries of history, Kalemegdan is home to numerous landmarks. There are four noteworthy towers, the two most significant being Nebojša tower and Sahat tower, various entryways, the most significant ones are Zindan Kapija, Inner Stambol Kapija, and Charles VI door. There are dividers from Roman and medieval occasions, Turkish and Austrian. There are numerous vestiges and archaeological sights, and a ton of statues, the most significant being the statue to the Victor, otherwise known as Pobednik, and one devoted to Despot Stefan, author of Serbian medieval Belgrade. Victor is one of the most significant images of Belgrade.

Belgrade Fortress Highlights:

Belgrade Fortress is situated over the precipice like edge neglecting the intersection of the Sava and the Danube. This is the last brought ground up in the Balkan Peninsula that controls the entrance to the Pannonian Basin and the route on the Sava and the Danube. This is a place of exceptional key significance, because of its job as an outskirt stronghold since its commencement. It served to monitor the outskirt between the Roman Empire and brute grounds over the Danube and the fringe between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires. So often it was demolished, reconstructed and updated. The Romans were the first to manufacture a post at this site in the late first century as the central command for the IV Roman Legion – Flavia Felix. 

Best Place to explore:

Voyagers are welcome to meander the Serbian defences, study the Turkish and Austrian strongholds, and detect a trace of Rome in the establishments of the old fortification as Gornji, Donji and Kalemegdan Park teach, charm and captivate. The military shows – think guns, tanks and mounted guns – are a pleasant touch, the nurseries are green and rich, the perspective on the Danube is unparalleled and the nourishment isn’t terrible either – have an espresso or remain for supper as the sun sets over the river.