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Serbia is located in the heart of the Balkan. Location on the main roads between east - west and north - south give her many conflicts through history. Today, after decay of the SFR Yugoslavia during `90 and change of borders on the Balkan, Serbia have border with neighboring Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Facts about Republic of Serbia:

National name: Srbija/Serbia
Area: 102,173 sq km/39,449 sq mi
Capital: Beograd/Belgrade
Currency: Serbian dinar
Population: 10,523,000 (2002est)
Language: Serbian and ethnic minority languages
Religion: Orthodox Christian, Catholic and Muslim
Time difference: GMT +1
Geographical coordinates are:
Latitude 44 o 00´ North of the Equator
Longitude: 21o 00´ East of Greenwich

Republic of Serbia flag

serbia flag

Weather in Serbia

Winter temperatures are, unsurprisingly, cold, January sits in the fairly stable average range between -3 ° C (26 ° F) and 3 ° C (37 ° F), slightly colder for the mountainous areas. Serbia's summer temperatures average 22 ° C (71 ° F) and rainfall, while a bit heavier, tends to fall all at once in pleasant summer storms.

To see weather forecast for particular place in Serbia (and beyond), please click on place of your interest to display the full graph of weather forecast for next 4 days. Also, at the menu (on the top right side) please choose your preferred language and check legend and info Serbia is kindly provided by weather forecast specialist for South East Europe Weather2Umbrella®. Visit their page for more info and possibilities for providing weather forecasting at your web site, your radio or tv station or your newspaper - click!

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