Must Try Food In SiberiaMust Try Food In Siberia

Siberia that cover a huge part of Russia in the map for almost 75%? They surely got whole unique and tasty food made and served for you to try. Just knowing the best Russian food for party or celebration isn’t enough. There surely are a lot of delicious dishes that you can taste only in Siberia. Taste that will remind you of this beautiful place, whenever it enters your mouth and touches the tip of your tongue.

       1.  Vension:

Venison is eaten boiled, fried, stewed, or dried. In restaurants you can try venison soups, hot dishes, and appetizers. We recommend fried venison in cowberry sauce. This is how it’s made: Cut the meat into pieces (against the grain), beat it, then sprinkle ground black pepper and juniper berries over it, and grill it. Serve with cowberry sauce. As a side dish you can use mushrooms and pine nuts.

    2. Baikul Omal:

Omul is cooked from various perspectives: It’s salted, smoked, bubbled, or singed. The Baikal anglers’ conventional formula is omul on sticks. Make three to four cuts on the fish from the spine to the paunch and rub with salt. At that point the omul is speared topsy turvy onto wooden sticks, which are pushed into the ground at an inclination over a fire and are continually turned while being simmered.


For those wishing to encounter the Caucasian treats that have made the Russian country fall head over heels for Georgian food, look no farther than Tiflis. Genuine flavors basically burst from every significant piece. The sweet-smelling flavors, full-bodied wines, gooey naturally prepared cheddar breads, and succulent sheep kebabs on the menu at Tiflis will guarantee that this raid into conventional Georgian food will be a critical one. The comfortable, natural hollow like feel of the inside is air. The café is halfway situated by Novosibirsk’s focal park. 


Solyanka is a thick soup that is sufficiently abundant to be a dinner in itself. This soup is made with different sorts of meat, including wiener, bacon, ham, and hamburger, just as vegetables, for example, cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Hacked pickles and the conventional lemon cut enhancement assume a significant job in giving this formula its sharp flavor. It is frequently additionally made with fish and salted cucumbers.


Pelmeni is the national dish of Russia. They are baked good dumplings are ordinarily loaded up with minced meat and enveloped by a dainty, pasta-like batter. They can be served alone, slathered in spread and beat with sharp cream, or in a soup stock. Certainly a most loved in Russia and Eastern Europe! 

6.Mushroom Juliene:

With a similar taste to stroganoff however without meat, this rich mushroom dish is on pretty much every menu as a hot hors d’oeuvre. Consolidating a portion of Russia’s pervasive fixings and a trace of French fixation, it’s made with daintily cut mushrooms, cheddar, harsh cream and cream and seared/flame broiled for a dried up top, served in a humble metal dish or bread outside layer. While this rich, little serving dish may not intrigue outsiders with its essential fixings, it’s a unique dish in Russian cooking. In fact, mushrooms in any structure are an unquestionable requirement attempt in Russia, where mushroom chasing could nearly be viewed as a national side interest. At the point when you’re loaded with the cream, attempt a grouping of salted mushrooms. 


This beet and cabbage red soup is a delightful tummy hotter on Moscow’s colder days. It accompanies or without meat, potato, herbs (typically dill) and a dab of smetana, harsh cream. Went with a bit of rye bread or garlic bread beat with softened cheddar, this dish is sufficiently healthy to fill in as a dinner, in spite of the fact that it is typically eaten as a starter. A staple of Russian cooking, it would be an offense to leave Moscow without attempting this soup in any event once–despite the fact that its shockingly delicious flavor will surely leave you wishing you had attempted progressively nearby varieties. Other basic Russian soups to attempt are ukha, a prepared fish and vegetable juices, and schi, a cabbage-based stock.